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June 2017 Heat Wave

June 25, 2017

by Dorene

I've found  another use for therapeutic ice packs. We are going through a heatwave where yesterday it hit 109°, and today it was 102°. Prince Pippin and Lady Sofia were completely done in from the heat. It was their bedtime (in my bed), and even with the AC going they weren't at all happy.

I sat there observing how hot they were. The heat caused them to move about, just trying to get comfortable. ​​ They reminded me of when I had had knee replacements. Then the thought flashed in my mind. "Ice pack," I said aloud to them. "Let's see if this will do the trick, and allow you to sleep in comfort."

I went to the freezer and pulled out a few. After slipping them into the sleeves that came with them, I returned to my bedroom. I put the larger of the four on the bed, and introduced Prince Pippin to it. I was unsure of how he would react. Well, I didn't have to wonder for very long, he slid his body on top of it, and closed his eyes. While he slept I kept a watch to make sure he didn't get too cold. 

Next it was Lady Sofia's turn. I walked over to the left side of the bed, and gently placed an ice pack behind her back, and a smaller one near her tummy. She raised her head, looked at them, and with the cooling comfort, she too closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​My experiment was going along very well, and both dogs were cooled off, and now resting comfortably. I was pretty happy about the results, and so were they.

​I want to remind you that these two are of double coated breeds. He's Pomeranian, and she's a Paperanian. Double coated means they have a thick, soft undercoat, covered by a coarser outer coat.

​​However, Lady Sofia's outer coat has been damaged by years of being shaved. So because of this her body will not regulate as it should, causing her to be hotter than Prince Pippin.

If you do use an ice pack on your dog during the summer, only introduce it to your dog, and then let the dog take over. If it's interested it will relax on or near it. If not, then return the ice packs to the freezer.

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​​Now, before you turn your short hair dogs into popsicles,

Warning. Use your head when it comes to cooling off your pet.

​​* Always wrap your ice pack with the sleeve provided by the company. If it's still on the colder side, then place a towel over it before it's used on your pet. 

* Slowly​ introduce the ice pack to your pet.

* Do not place any ice pack directly to the animal's skin. This could cause pain and damage.

* Keep a close watch to make sure the area in contact with the ice pack doesn't become too cold. ​

* This is to be a pleasant experience for your pet on a hot day, and not a form of torture. If they decide to get off, then let them. This means it's getting too cold, or the pet is now comforted, and there is no longer a need.

* Always allow your pet to decide if they are interested or not, and do not force it upon them.

To Prepare Your Pet for the 4th of July 

April 21, 2018

Today I found information in my email, and felt it was worth passing on to all of my friends. It was from Purina, and titled ​​​Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks? There are '11' Things You Should Know. 

​​                                     Purina®:…/why-are-dogs-scared-of-fireworks-11…

With 4th of July fast approaching, many pets will experience anxiety when hearing fireworks exploding about the neighborhood. And here are a few helpful ideas that may help your pet, and yourself, into having a much happier 4th.

                                                 Prince Pippin and Lady Sofia 

                                                 Get Ready for the 4th of July

We all have holidays that are special. But your pet may not know what they are all about, however, with some thought we can always make them feel included. The first holiday that Pippin had with me was Easter of 2015. It was one I will always remember, and the story is listed under the Holiday Chapter. ​ He was about 4-months old at the time, and we were celebrating here at our home. 

When Lady Sofia arrived Easter was over and next was the 4th of July. We didn't do much that year, but from her reactions to fireworks, I knew I need to do something to help her out.  I took the advice Purina had in their video, and this year I wanted to see how they both would react. Here's how it played out. 

While they all went inside the house, I stayed outside for a minute. It was then that I saw a bunny hopping about, and he was holding a basket. I asked him who he was, and what he had in the basket. He said that he is the Easter Bunny, and these are Easter Eggs. "You have eggs?" I asked with excitement. "I sure do," he assured me. "And I'll be hiding them around in your park for Lola and Austin to find. And if you would like to, you can help me hide them, too. Would you like to do this?" That was promising to be a lot of fun, so I told him I would. ​​

​​He had but one basket at the start, but all of a sudden he had TWO. He gave one to me, that was filled with colorful eggs, and he kept a basket for himself. It took no time at all, and soon the eggs were out of sight. He twitched his nose, and the basket I held in my teeth vanished. He then thanked me for my help, and said, "The children are expecting me, so I must be on my way." I waved to him as he hopped away to the next home down the road.

Not long afterwards Dorene, Bob and Lynda walked out of the house, with Lola and Austin running playfully behind them. Bob must have seen the Easter Bunny, for he told the children to start hunted for the eggs. I stood at the sideline, and barked my encouragement to them both. I even gave them a few clues to where they might find more. But they were having so much fun that they didn't hear me.

Once the eggs were found, the children started to play with me. This was fun, but what I had wanted to do, was to race around the driveway with them! My little legs were itching to run, but how does a puppy get humans to understand what they want? I ran up and down the length of my leash, but no one was watching me. And then Lola said aloud, "Let's race!"​. ​​ ​​Before we knew it Austin was off and running. Lola was holding my leash so I couldn't catch up to him very quickly. "Come on Lola, let's run faster," I barked with excitement. It was then when we started to catch up. Once there I jumped onto his leg to let him know we were there.

Click on Knight to return to the top of the page. Double click here to edit this text.Mother’s Day Was a Good One

​May 10, 2015

Prince Pippin and I stayed home after church, and we had a BBQ. We both had steak and mushrooms, salad, French bread and butter, and with pumpkin bars for dessert. Don't worry, he didn't have that much of it, though please don't tell him that.

Later on I decided to make fajitas with some of the leftover steak. I gave him the bone with meat still on it, and then took my meal to the table. Prince Pippin was excited about the bone, and was enjoying it immensely. That is until he realized that I had something that he didn’t. That’s when he lost interest in the bone, and the whining started in. The words to his song of despair, if sang, would have been, ‘I smell it, it’s mine. What I have here is mine, but so is what you are eating, it is mine too.” I was able to overlook his song of pain and suffering, and continued eating my three fajitas. When looking down at my empty plate I found a little morsel of meat was left, which I was more than willing to share with him. However, once eating it he expected more, and when seeing that there wasn't any, he reluctantly went back to his bone.



When seeing that we beat Spider Man Austin, Lola was so pleased with me that she stopped to tell me so.

That made me feel very special.​​When Bob saw the fun we were having, he joined in. The four of us started to run as fast as we could. I couldn't think of anything better than this. ​​ Except for more treats. If all holidays are as exciting as this one, I'm looking forward to having more in the future. Before I knew it it was time for everyone to head for home. I wanted them to stay, but they had things to do, and it was already getting late. I was promised they would return again very soon. And this made the parting easier on me. I didn't realize just how tired I was until Dorene put me on top of the bed. My eyelids were heavy, but I didn't want this day to end. As my eyes began to close, I found myself dreaming that I was again running with Bob, Lola and Austin. But this time no one was holding me back, and I was running as fast as the wind. For Holidays on Facebook, or for any other time when you need a greeting card, you can use your pet as your ambassador or model. I like using photos of Prince Pippin. However, now that I also have Lady Sofia, I'll be using them both.

T​he fun is you can dress up your pet in all kinds of ways. And just think of the money you will save on greeting cards. ​​
The directions follow these sample pictures.​Valentine's Day, filled with love. This one is for Cinco de Mayo Day.

​​I lived out most of my life in California, and I never once heard of this day. When moving to Oregon I saw this in a Taco Bell window, and thought it was a holiday made up by them to sell more Tacos. I was surprised to find out it wasn't.
To the left I call Springtime Pippin.

To the right is Easter Pippin ​​t.See all the greeting cards you can make of your own pet. All you need is a good camera and photo program. I use the Photo Impact Pro 10. What you do next is take a nice photo, and then cut it down to only what is needed for your card. Then Google in 'Public Domain Free Translucent photo frames'. You can narrow your search to what event you are going to use it for. Such as a holiday, birthday, wedding, anniversary or so on. It's fun. . . give it a try. Only when printing it out be sure to use photo paper, I use glossy. Next be sure to reset your printer for photo paper, and what type you are using. Have fun!!!!One of the helpful hits is to start early getting your pet used to hearing the sounds of fireworks. So I went to the internet and found this awesome website.

Being I know what Prince Pippin's reaction will be when it comes to Fireworks, I hadn't a clue to what Lady Sofia would do. So I went to the internet and found this website. It has so many exploding fireworks, that it sounds like a war zone. That was just what I was looking for!