Journal 2018

My name is

Prince Pippin 

The Buffy Knight

This website is ONLY for fun, and in no way is it intended to provide veterinary care, training or professional advice of any kind. And believe me, I'm no professional when it comes to dogs. In fact, if anyone has been doing the training it's been my dogs. By now they have me neatly wrapped around their paws, and I love being there. And when Joyce M. Gilmour, who is a professional proofreader, and the dearest of friends, reads these pages, she's going to cringe at all the grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes within these pages. She may even toss her hands up in the air in complete despair, while wondering if I'll ever learn. lol However, she's such a dear that I'm sure she will overlook them, and move on to the next page. That being said, let's continue on, and see where this leads us.

Welcome to the realms of Prince Pippin the Buffy Knight.  He fights dragons, saves ladies in distress, and brings peace into his world. 

In the menu above you will find different rooms in his little kingdom that are open for all to enjoy. This said, you are welcome to stay there for as long as you wish. 

In these rooms we've included topics of interest, such as adjusting to owning an unruly puppy (Prince Pippin), the addition of another dog to the family (Lady Sofia), coping with Kennel Cough, life with Prince Pippin, and more.

There is even a kitchen were you will find recipes I've created for mouthwatering doggie treats, or where readers like you can share recipes with eachothers. The kitchen is filled with treats your little four-legged-child will love.  You know, the one who runs around the house on all fours, lives in fur pajamas, while pulling at your heartstrings with their love. They are a part of your family, and life wouldn't be the same without them. 

We have even included a much needed page for those who will either soon be facing the parting of a dear pet, or have recently had to survive the terrible feeling of loss that goes with it.  It's not an easy experience to go through. However, when reading of another's loss, at times it helps to know you are not alone.  That will be under the tab of 'Foxy'.  

Blogs are a big part of today's world, and we have one here, too.  We would love to read about your pets and experience. Your pet is special to you, and you have a lot to say, so say it. If you are having a fun time, let us all share in it. If you are having a problem, maybe one of the readers have had an experience similar to it, and can help you. The possibilities are endless with this blog, and so are the topics we can talk about.  Just remember one thing, you can joke about a person, but when it comes to their children or pet? Look out! So please keep it sweet and clean. 

This website is still under construction, and I won't be able to work on it for about another month. I had underwent surgery, and then accidently strained my right arm and shoulder. With doctor's orders, I'm to stay off the computer for at least another month or so. It's fun watching movies while doing nothing, but the thrill of this doesn't last long. I want to get back working on my three websites, and I pray my recovery will be a quick one.  Dorene